“This new Vintage Resin really feels like home to me. It is an extraordinary mouthpiece, with full spectrum tone. The intonation is incredibly precise. It is like nothing I’ve played before. It is incredibly free-blowing and full. A joy to play.”

– David Sanborn

David commissioned Aaron to make him a custom mouthpiece that would measure up to his exacting standards and deliver winning performances; whether on stage or in the studio. The Aaron Drake David Sanborn Signature model has exceeded expectations.

After the successful launch of the metal version, Drake and Sanborn continued to consult, seeking the next evolution of this mouthpiece, to provide unparalleled playing comfort and new possibilities in the sound. The result is the new Sanborn VR Masters Series model.


This mouthpiece features a unique three-tier baffle design, with a medium, venturi chamber. It is made from Drake’s proprietary Vintage Resin material, which is not available anywhere else on the market.

This special mouthpiece is offered in three tip-openings: 6 (.080″), 7 (.085″) and 8 (.090″). David Sanborn plays the 8 tip-opening.