Emma Rawicz

“My Drake mouthpiece is hands down the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played and the only one that’s allowed me to fully access the sound I want to get from my horn. I don’t plan to ever stop playing it!”

Emma plays the Eddie Daniels Open Secret 6*


Emma Rawicz is a saxophonist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer/arranger living in London and originally from North Devon. She gigs regularly at both London venues as well as all over the UK, and has played with a number of ensembles including NYJO and Pyjæn, as well as members of Blue Lab Beats and Ezra Collective, and most of all her quartet, which is set to record her debut album in late 2021. She has played at the EFG London Jazz Festival a number of times both with her own quartet as well as part of Orphy Robinson’s collective. Emma was named as one of the “5 UK Jazz Musicians you don’t want to miss” in Readers Digest, and is currently maintaining a career of live gigs, recording sessions and educational work alongside studying a degree in jazz at the Royal Academy of Music.

Emma’s links:

Website: emmarawicz.com





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