A movement in handcrafted performance.

Aaron Drake has been refining the art of the saxophone mouthpiece for over thirty years. Consulting with a broad spectrum of musicians, from beginners, to rising stars on the horizon, to the definitive masters of our era, Aaron incorporates his knowledge into every mouthpiece he makes. This is the Drake commitment to saxophonists and the music they create.

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Drake Mouthpieces History / about page

Since 1990, Drake Mouthpieces has been known for material innovation and handcrafted quality.

Ceramic and Brass Chamber

Drake’s Resonance Chambers represent an evolutionary leap forward in the development of woodwind mouthpieces and their tonal characteristics.

Drake Innovations

January Featured Mouthpiece

David Sanborn Masters Series models

Sanborn Masters Series Metal Model / Shop
Sanbon Masters Series Vintage Resin / Shop

I find these mouthpieces extremely responsive and flexible…I can go anywhere on the horn with nuance, texture and attack.

– David Sanborn

Jerry Bergonzi Tenor Models
Eddie Daniels Tenor Models
David Sanborn Alto Models
Phil Woods Alto Models
Pete Christlieb Tenor Models
Boney James

January Featured Artist

Carl Cox

January Featured Artist Carl Cox page
Current Featured Artist Group

The Drake family of artists is a growing and worldwide community. These musicians are connected by their musical pursuits and; their common recognition of the outstanding quality of our mouthpieces. We support musicianship with our inspired designs, which empower performers to reveal their unique voice. » Featured Artists 2021