Phil Woods

Masters Series



This special mouthpiece was conceived through exclusive collaboration with the Phil Woods Estate.

The Phil Woods is the quintessential straight-ahead jazz mouthpiece.



The geometry is identical to Phil’s mouthpiece, and offers the player something new in their experience. With the use of modern materials and design technology, Aaron Drake has respectfully carried this near-mythical mouthpiece forward into a new era.

You can expect a pleasant amount of resistance, perfect for producing a warm, rich tone, with pop and projection when desired. The response is homogenous throughout the full range of the instrument and is capable of full-sounding altissimo. Overall, the tone is evocative of the best hard rubber mouthpieces of the golden era of jazz.

A vast array of ligatures made for Meyer-style Hard Rubber Alto mouthpieces will fit this mouthpiece. However, the mouthpiece comes with a custom-fit Drake Quad Point Ligature.

Phil’s life-long dedication to his craft left an indelible, beautiful inscription on the landscape of jazz. A classically-trained musician, Grammy Award winner and prolific recording artist, Phil was also a soul who truly loved the art of music. This mouthpiece honors his legacy.

Woods was nicknamed “The New Bird” by his peers. The soul of Charlie Parker’s sound (along with Phil’s hero Benny Carter) was a spark that ignited Phil’s approach to the horn. However, Phil’s tone and style remained distinctly his own, and are recognizable at once to the listener. For much of his career, Phil Woods played an un-modified New York Meyer 5M, given to him by a friend in the 1950’s. The Drake Phil Woods Mouthpiece is an exact reproduction of this treasured piece of history.