Ceramic Resonance Chamber Jazz Alto


Drake Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces

In 1990, Aaron Drake released the world’s first professional quality ceramic saxophone mouthpiece. This represents the most remarkable mouthpiece innovation in over half a century. Drake’s Resonance Chambers represent an evolutionary leap forward in the development of woodwind mouthpieces and their tonal characteristics.

Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces incorporate Drake’s own proprietary ceramic material into the chamber of the Vintage Resin mouthpiece. This embedded ceramic “ring” is exposed inside of the mouthpiece. The resulting change to the density of the mouthpiece adds new depth and richness to the sound. The way the air travels over the ceramic material contributes to warmth and vibrancy, while maintaining a strong core fundamental tone. The round, full sound of the Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpiece is consistent over the full range of the instrument. The response is instantaneous and the intonation is perfect.

– Includes Drake Ligature, cap, velvet pouch and storage case 

Each mouthpiece is handmade to order by Aaron Drake.
You will receive an email with delivery information when your mouthpiece ships.
Shipping is free in the Continental US.
USPS Express International shipping is $65.00 (added at check out)

The special thin design (.15mm) of these bite plates will not dampen the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.


Videos of the Ceramic Resonance Chamber Jazz Alto


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