Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces incorporate Drake’s own proprietary ceramic material into the chamber of the Vintage Resin mouthpiece. This embedded ceramic “ring” is exposed inside of the mouthpiece. The resulting change to the density of the mouthpiece adds new depth and richness to the sound. The way the air travels over the ceramic material contributes to warmth and vibrancy, while maintaining a strong core fundamental tone. The round, full sound of the Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpiece is consistent over the full range of the instrument. The response is instantaneous and the intonation is perfect.

Brass Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces encapsulate an exposed brass ring into the Vintage Resin mouthpiece. The result of combining these two materials is a broader spectrum of overtones than with brass or hard rubber mouthpieces. The Brass Resonance Chamber model outweighs the corresponding standard mouthpiece by approximately 30%. This added mass creates unbelievable amounts of resonance, harmonics and projection.

The Brass Resonance Mouthpieces offer a robust, husky tone with plenty of harmonics in the sound. It is somewhat more “spread” than the Ceramic version. It has impeccable intonation and presents consistent tonal characteristics over the entire range of the horn. This unique configuration also allows easier access to the altissimo register.