David Sanborn Masters Series




In 2014 David commissioned Aaron to make him a custom mouthpiece that would measure up to his exacting standards and deliver winning performances; whether on stage or in the studio. The Aaron Drake David Sanborn Signature model has exceeded expectations. 

Each Sanborn model mouthpiece is precision-milled and meticulously hand-finished to be an exact reproduction of David’s own Drake mouthpiece, which he has been performing exclusively with since 2014. 


This Aaron Drake design was accomplished in direct consultation with David Sanborn, and influenced by several of Drake’s earlier designs. It is also inspired by some of Sanborn’s most beloved vintage mouthpieces. The result is a mouthpiece that helped to write the next chapter in Sanborn’s sound, and can now help you write your own story. 


 Each piece is hand-crafted. After milling, there is extensive hand work on the blank. The chamber, baffle and facing are all hand worked and finished to exacting tolerances. The result is a mouthpiece that offers total consistency with impeccable artistry.  


The Sanborn model incorporates a three-tiered baffle design with a medium, Venturi chamber. It is available in three tip-openings: 6 (.080″), 7 (.085″) and 8 (.090″). All of the mouthpiece and baffle contour ratios are adjusted for each tip opening to ensure total consistency in feel.  

David Sanborn personally plays the number 8 tip opening.


The mouthpiece features a very immediate response and precise attack, with just the right amount of resistance to develop rich tonal color and allow total freedom of expression. It is exceptionally free blowing and allows the player to employ a complete range of dynamics, from the bottom to the top of the instrument. It is a powerful, projective mouthpiece, with impeccable intonation and a lush core sound. The full, rich sound presented by the Drake Sanborn Signature mouthpiece far surpasses that of other high-baffle, “power mouthpieces”.  

Each mouthpiece has a satin finished that is sterling silver plated and engraved with a unique serial number.  Limited Production.  Includes the Drake “Quad-Point” ligature, Drake Cap, Rovner Ligature, Velvet pouch, and Carry Case

About the Drake “Quad-Point” Ligature

The Drake “Quad Point” ligature is custom designed for the new David Sanborn mouthpiece to sit near the end of the table, Dave’s signature placement. This ligature position allows full reed fiber activation and maximizes resonance and responsiveness. The Quad Point refers to 4 touch points on the reed. Tested and approved by David Sanborn.

David Sanborn Mouthpiece Development History

In 2013 David invited me to meet after his concert in San Antonio Texas.  David expressed his need for a mouthpiece that could replace the mouthpiece he played for many years.  From this initial meeting I began making prototype mouthpieces for David to try, and within several months we landed on a design that David liked.  Not only liked, but a mouthpiece that could be his number one piece.  In 2014 Dave switched and began playing exclusively on his Drake mouthpiece.  

Several years have passed since then, and now David and I have decided to offer this mouthpiece as the David Sanborn model.

You will receive an email with delivery information when your mouthpiece ships.

Shipping is free in the Continental US.

USPS Express International shipping is $65.00 (added at check out)


The special thin design (.15mm) of these bite plates will not dampen the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.


Video’s of the David Sanborn Masters Series metal model


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