Eddie Daniels “Open Secret” Masters Series


This special mouthpiece was designed by Aaron Drake in direct collaboration with renowned multi-instrumentalist Eddie Daniels. Daniels is an authoritative woodwind player, whose skill on the tenor saxophone is undisputed. Eddie demands a lot from his equipment and the Open Secret delivers.  

The OS is crafted from Drake’s proprietary Vintage Resin material, which offers the feel of an ebonite mouthpiece, while adding more resonance, response and projection. The design incorporates a rollover baffle that transitions to a medium-large chamber. There is a moderate amount of under-cutting on the side walls.

The Drake OS Tenor Mouthpiece is designed specifically for players who feel more comfortable playing a closer, more manageable tip opening, but; still want to establish their personal tone quality, employ a full range of dynamics and add layers of color and nuance to their sound. 

This, according to Daniels, IS the “Open Secret”. 

“A beautiful, centered and flexible sound is best produced with a closer tip opening… with a mouthpiece that is easy to play.” 

– Eddie Daniels. 

The Drake OS for Tenor is available in tip openings: 5*, 6, 6*, and 7 

Each Open Secret mouthpiece is handmade my master artisan Aaron Drake, and tastefully engraved with Eddie Daniels’ signature, and the words, “OS” and “Open Secret”. 

Your purchase also includes a Drake Double Rail ligature, Drake mouthpiece cap, plush drawstring pouch, and carry case.

Shipping of this mouthpiece is complimentary within the Continental USA. Express International shipping is available as an option at check-out. All purchasers will be notified over email when their particular mouthpiece ships, along with any tracking information, if applicable. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to experience this mouthpiece risk-free, through our satisfaction guarantee. If, within seven (7) days of receiving your mouthpiece, you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return it in exchange for a different tip-opening of the same mouthpiece, or for a refund. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for details. 

The special thin design (.15mm) of these bite plates will not dampen the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.




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