Drake Baritone Mouthpieces feature a highly innovative chamber design to deliver the punch and projection Bari’ players look for. All Drake Baritone Sax Mouthpieces incorporate the same essential chamber design, with model-specific variations in the baffle angle and floor slope.

The fundamental qualities of Drake Baritone models are power and versatility. You will find ease of expression across the entire line, with each model fine-tuned for different desired tonal characteristics.


A medium, reverse-taper, Venturi style chamber with uniquely engineered baffle angle and floor slope.

Made from Drake’s proprietary Vintage Resin material. Vintage Resin gives you the playing comfort and ease of response that good ebonite mouthpieces are known for, with added layers of richness and enhanced projection. Available nowhere else!

The Contemporary Rollover for Baritone Saxophone is available in a variety of tip openings to meet your particular needs.


The Contemporary Crossover I is the highest baffle, hardest-hitting mouthpiece in the line. Tower of Power is a good reference point for the type of music this mouthpiece is made for.

Drake’s Baritone models offer tremendous versatility, and are suitable for a wide variety of styles from Big Band / section playing, to Straight Ahead Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop and Contemporary.


Each mouthpiece is meticulously hand crafted by Aaron Drake. Your purchase also includes a custom-fit Drake Double Rail Ligature – which allows the reed to vibrate with freedom for ultimate flexibility in shaping your sound.