Tenor Mouthpiece

Tenor Mouthpiece 

Some people fail to realize that the quality of the sound produced by a saxophone is affected as much by the player's skills as it is by the type of mouthpiece that is used. You can improve your skills as a saxophonist if you understand exactly how a mouthpiece works and the factors that affects the sound that it produces. An important factor is the tip opening of a mouth piece.

The tip opening of a tenor mouthpiece affects the pitch and quality of the sound that you play. It all boils down to physics. When you use a mouthpiece with a small tip opening, it is a lot harder for sound to transport its way through the reed and into the neck of your sax. You might find it easier to play notes but a lot harder to do some real decibel damage. A wider tip opening on the other hand will give you better control over the harmonics of your sax. 

Another factor that is likely to affect the type of tenor mouthpiece you use is the material from which it is made. As your skills improve and you become more confident with the sax, you're likely to experiment with unique mouthpiece such as those made out of crystal. However, for the most parts your choices will revolve around the combination of metal, plastic, hard rubber, ceramic and to some extent resin. Each of these options has unique benefits that might support your playing style, skill level or budget.

Finally, it is worth noting that the position of your tenor mouthpiece on the neck of your sax will affect the type of sound that you play. Sliding your mouthpiece slightly further onto the neck will allow you play sharper notes. Be careful though, if you slid it too far, you'll end up playing notes that warble and sound flat. Think elephants. If you're not sure where the perfect position for your tenor mouthpiece is, you could experiment with different positions and then mark the ideal spot on the neck with a pencil. Alternatively, you could use a chromatic tuner to find the right notes. 

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