Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Drake Mouthpieces knows saxophone mouthpieces are an important consideration in order to get the most powerful and comfortable performance each time you play. Aaron Drake makes mouthpieces that offer you advantages that other manufacturers simply don't have. They offer a full line of saxophone mouthpieces so that you can choose the one with the options that suit you best. The newest addition to the line is the Drake metal mouthpieces which offer a cutting edge approach to saxophone playing.

Drake Mouthpieces offers the leading saxophone mouthpieces that are the best choice for beginners as well as those who have been playing for a number of years. The attention to detail they give their handcrafted mouthpieces in combination with the innovative manufacturing process they use provides you with the choice in saxophone mouthpieces that surpasses all others. The right mouthpiece can help you take your play to the next level. Whether you play alto, tenor, soprano or something else, you will find the right mouthpiece for your needs at Drake Mouthpieces.

The Legend Series is a line of saxophone mouthpieces that includes the most unique designs the world has ever seen. The revolutionary production methods Drake uses to make these saxophone mouthpieces has led to a line of reproductions of the mouthpieces from Legendary Master Saxophonists including Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Johnny Griffin, and Dexter Gordon with even more on the way. You can create the music you love with a legend! These mouthpieces are created with a combination of state-of-the-art technology and hand finishing tradition to get the precision reproductions of the original product.

The Custom Ceramic Line of saxophone mouthpieces will give you complete control over your mouthpiece for added control and quality of your music. They are the only mouthpieces on the market completely handmade from beginning to end. By combining the essential acoustic design elements with an innovative material, Drake has produced a product of saxophone mouthpieces that has unsurpassed quality. The truly unique porcelain ceramic material has a high surface density that gives you an immediate, crystal clear response. They allow you to easily articulate fast staccato passages and heighten dynamic capabilities throughout the entire range of the instrument. 

To learn more about these and the entire line of Drake saxophone mouthpieces, visit their site at To call for a custom ceramic order, call 877 681 0954. Drake's saxophone mouthpieces have been handmade in the USA since 1990 and musicians around the world know them for their quality and innovation. Many professionals play with Drake mouthpieces to get the professional quality sound that they want from their music every time they play. When you visit online, you can listen to samples so that you can hear the difference for yourself. There is simply no greater collection of mouthpieces available anywhere. Isn't it time you started playing your music with the best mouthpiece in the industry?