Jerry Bergonzi “EB” Masters Series


This model has been developed through a close collaboration between Aaron Drake and Jerry Bergonzi.  It has taken over two years to refine the various design elements incorporated in this model.  The fundamental design is based on Jerry’s personal Early Babbit “EB”.  The classic “crescent” shaped baffle transitions to a recalibrated floor contour and ultimately a round large chamber.  The tip and side rails are finished to the exact specifications that Jerry prefers – this slightly wider contour helps to generate a thickness and stability in the sound and attack.

“What I look for in a mouthpiece is the ability to shape the sound that I hear in my head with the ease of articulation. Drake’s mouthpieces do that for me” Jerry Bergonzi

Includes – Drake ligature, cap, bag and case

Each mouthpiece is handmade to order by Aaron Drake.
You will receive an email with delivery information when your mouthpiece ships.
Shipping is free in the Continental US.

Usps Express International shipping is $65.00 (added at check out)

The special thin design (.15mm) of these bite plates will not dampen the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.


Video’s of the Jerry Bergonzi “EB” Tenor Masters Series


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