Saxophone Mouthpieces

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Saxophone Mouthpieces
Ariel Alexander
"Fantastic Mouthpieces made by a gifted musician and craftsmen."
- Ravi Coltrane
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"Pete Christlieb plays a Drake and loves it."

- Pete Christlieb

Pete plays the Contemporary Crossover I Baritone Model
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"Aaron Drake's large chamber soprano mouthpiece is exactly what I was looking for on soprano. It sounds centered, fat and dark."
- Jerry Bergonzi


Gary Campbell Plays the "Son of Slant" Large Chamber Soprano Model


Over the years I've played many of the soprano mouthpieces out there and have always gravitated back to my vintage, large chamber Links. Now, Aaron Drake's  "Son of Slant" soprano mp has captured the full, resonant, broad sound of the vintage pieces, but with improved response, even resistance, and stability. It sounds like a SAXOPHONE, without the bright, narrow, and nasal tone most pieces get. Finally
- thanks Aaron.

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Bruce Johnstone Plays the Vintage Resin Contemporary Crossover II Bari Model

I had been using the same mouthpiece for thirty plus years and had never felt the need to change until I tried the Drake Vintage Resin Contemporary II. When I played this mouthpieces it was a revelation! Sound in all registers was balanced, and response was clear and immediate. 
Control from subtone to triple forte was better than I'd been getting with my metal
mouthpiece without changing the essence and individuality of my sound.Aaron Drake
has created a comfortable responsive mouthpiece design which I can see myself
using for all musical situations for a long time to come.A perfect example of creative
thinking outside the box by an American player / craftsman.
Thanks Aaron!

Paul Perez Plays the Vintage Resin Contemporary Alto Model

"Aaron Drake's Contemporary alto mouthpiece is the only mouthpiece I've found that covers the demands of today's saxophonist. If your in the trenches like I am, you've got to be prepared to cover everything from
Hodges to Sanborn to Garrett. Aaron's Contemporary
will do just that. Do yourself a favor, give Aaron
a shout, you'll be glad you did."

Norbert Statchel Plays the Custom Ceramic Alto and Tenor Models


When I came across Drake mouthpieces, I thankfully found very special and unique qualities of timbre, color, response, accuracy, and consistency that have helped me take a giant step towards my goals as a musician.

Carl Cox Plays the Vintage Resin Jazz Alto Model

I recieved your jazz model alto mouthpiece recently and all I wanted to do was play! I forgot about the equiptment and the reed which is so difficult to do as a saxophone player. The mouthpiece  performed beyond my expectations and I have tried many mouthpieces throughout the years.  Your knowledge of mouthpieces combined with this new composite has truly benefited my
performances. Thank you for achieving such a wonderful
mouthpiece that allows me to create my own sound.
All my best,
Carl Cox

Here is a clip of Carl Cox playing this model with a .085" tip


 Matt Vashlishan Plays the Custom Ceramic Tenor and Vintage Resin NY Jazz Alto Models

"Simply put, these mouthpieces are incredible.  The ceramic gives these mouthpieces very complex and interesting tone colors as well as a great sense of projection.  Combine that with Aaron’s deep understanding about mouthpiece mechanics and extraordinary workmanship and the result is one of the best mouthpieces I have ever played!"

Here is Matt Vashlishan on the Custom Ceramic Jazz (JTB)

Ariel Alexander Plays the Custom Ceramic JA B model in a 7 opening, here is a sample:

Ariel Alexander has gained recognition as a Los Angeles jazz saxophonist, composer, and educator. Ariel earned her B.A. at Indiana University and her M.A from the University of Southern California. She is currently finishing her doctorate at USC in Jazz Studies and is an adjunct faculty member for the Los Angeles Community College District. Ariel was selected for the IAJE Sisters in Jazz Ensemble, the Kennedy Center's Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency, and the Steans Young Artist Program. She has performed with or arranged for Take 6, Nancy Wilson, Natalie Cole, Patti Austin, Stevie Wonder, Ruben Studdard, James Moody, Jon Faddis, Steve Miller and Monica Mancini. As an educator, Ariel has been active as a clinician worldwide. See

Mouthpiece Reviews:

I’ve searched for a better mouthpiece for 25 years without success until I tried Aaron Drake’s Classical Series alto mouthpiece. After a little tweaking by Aaron, I made a permanent change and my enthusiasm for playing is elevated to a new level. The Drake mouthpieces have superior response, tone quality and projection compared to anything else available. I will encourage my students to try this fantastic mouthpiece!
Douglas Skinner is Professor of Saxophone at Texas State University and has served 4 terms as Interim Director of the School of Music. He performs regularly with the Austin Symphony, backing artists such as the 5th Dimension, Glen Campbell, the Spinners, Maureen McGovern and Marvin Hamlisch. As a concert soloist, he has performed in England, Poland, Scotland, Russia, Turkey, and the US. He played soprano in the Nova Saxophone Quartet for 20 years and recorded “InNOVAtions,” “Double Image” and “Outside the Box.” His publications include articles in Jazz Educators Journal, Saxophone Symposium, and Popular Musicians. He has authored over 20 essays on musicians in various encyclopedias published by Salem Press.

Hi Aaron,
Tone depth, including fundamental and partials is amazing, not to mention response, volume capability, and tonal flexibility, and dead-on intonation from low Bb to altissimo. Easiest mouthpiece I've played for low end "subtone to full tone and back" effects. A beautifully hand- finished piece. Also, because of the intonation stability alone, I'd have to say I'm finally convinced the type of material makes a difference which is a vast improvement in mouthpiece technology. Keep up the great work. Might have to try a tenor and soprano piece down the line.

Aaron Drake combines something unique in the saxophone mouthpiece field-an aesthetic understanding (he can play) with an engineer's knowledge concerning materials and specifications. His ceramic mouthpieces are hand crafted with precise measurements and tooling, constructed with an understanding about how material affects sound, physical feel and longevity. He is serious and will stand behind the product, working with you. Definitely check his pieces out.

Dave Liebman

These Ceramic Mouthpieces Aaron is making are fantastic! Most importantly, the mouthpieces PLAY! The facings are masterfully and accurately cut, and balanced with the chamber designs to get maximum sound, response, and quality at all dynamic levels.
Aaron Drake knows his business and is making a great product!


Gary Campbell
ECM Recording Artist

New Testimonials Dec. 2009

Hi Aaron,

I'm excitedly awaiting your next shipment of mouthpieces. But in the meantime I've just got to tell you: I'm really digging this double ring tenor piece. I don't know, I may have to buy the new double ring AND the contemporary model that you're sending. I know I wanted the double ring with the different finish but I just don't know if I can let this one go. The more I play it the better it gets. This thing is so fat yet so alive at the same time, and it's super-easy to blow! I've been playing in the same jobbing band for the last 11 years and last night two of the guys remarked on how great I sounded. The bass player just shook his head and said "that must be one hell of a reed you've got tonight." Of course I told him I'm playing a new mouthpiece... and it's CERAMIC! It looks like the search is over for me. I only wish I would have found your mouthpieces fifteen years ago!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what's going on. Thanks again Aaron.


Ian Nevins

Yo, Aaron! I got my mpce on Weds. night. I gigged it that evening! It is a wonderful mouthpiece! It plays easily, the intonation level is excellent, and I can utilize a range of volume from ppp to fff.

I play out of the Hawkins/Webster/Lucky Thompson school of tenorplaying, FYI. None of my colleagues noticed any difference in my sound--this made me very happy. AND--the low B and Bb come right out!

Thank you for making such a marvelous mouthpiece! I look forward to many years of happy musicmaking! All the best, Ted Casher (Boston/Providence/Newport)

Hey Aaron! My apologies for not gettin' back to ya sooner. I got the pieces on monday. absolutely killin'! I kept the one that is etched 111209 on one side and 118 on the other. That's as close to my "A" piece as anything I've played, what a great blowin' piece! Really enjoying playin' it. I'm thinkin' an alto piece is in my future. I'll be in touch, thanks for the great piece!!!!!!!

Paul Perez

Hey Aaron,

Wanted to touch base and let you know that the mouthpiece is fantastic.

Very even response in all registers....I can push it and it doesn't spread, overall a fantastic dynamic range. All registers of the horn are consistent and more in tune than any other piece I have played in the last few years.

I am completely thrilled. I look forward to putting more of your pieces on my horns!

Great job!

Randy Thompson

Music Education Specialist

Willis Music


I wanted to let you know that I have gotten nothing but positive reviews of the mouthpiece. I have had people tell me that the sound both cuts and has a richer quality to it. My bandmates have commented how much "I sound more like me"...that is pretty cool!!! Thanks! I am wait for some pics and then I would love to give a 'for real' testimonial.....PRAISE THE DRAKE MOUTHPIECE!!!


Keith Kelly

New Testimonial (Oct 2009) by Chris Costigan

I reviewed the "Double Ring" Jazz Tenor (DRJT) .108 using my 1948 The Martin Tenor. I have to say that this is an outstanding mouthpiece. I have been playing the piece for a little over a week.

Reeds...reeds...reeds..they all worked. Yellow tin Superials, NY Superials, Rico Royals, Rico Select Jazz, Javas (Red/Green) and La Voz. I liked the Yellow tin Superials, RSJ, La Voz the best. Aaron commented in an email that he used La Voz M on a the DRJT 7 clips on his website. (the clips are killin' Aaron!!)

I recently sold a No USA FL Link 7* and this piece reminded me a lot of it. In fact, I liked it better than the Link I had. The sound of the DRJ is very focused. It is a great jazz piece or can be pushed for a more aggressive sound. This is a very versatile mouthpiece.....especially given the reed friendliness. (one of the most reed friendly pieces I have ever played) Lots of options here.

Fit and finish is amazing, very clean. Tip and rails are thin. The piece is very responsive.

Tone is even (and flexible) throughout the range, subtones, altissimo,'s all there. I'm not really sure what else to say, because it is such a great piece, except that if you are looking for a killer player in the vein of a great Link STM try a DRJT. You can't beat the trial period (7 days no restocking fees), and a lifetime warranty. I'll be sending everyone I know looking for a Link STM (type) piece to the Drake DRJT.

I tried a DRJ Alto a while back that I really enjoyed.....I will be purchasing a DRJ Tenor and Alto in the near future. Aaron is really onto something here. A great idea, fantastic product, and flawless execution.

Try can't say it isn't a great piece.

A KILLER piece man! I love it. I'll be ordering an alto and tenor...and the classical
version(s) eventually, if it is anything like the DRJ series I bet it is great. (hopefully for/by christmas)

Honestly, an amazing product. I really appreciate the attention to detail, pride, and quality that goes into your work. I have found that these qualities are very rare at a reasonable price point (hell...even at the insane price levels...)

Chris Costigan ( )

Chris Costigan (b. 1977, Port Jefferson, NY) began playing saxophone at age nine and by twelve had decided on music as a career. He moved to Georgia in 1991 and discovered Jazz. Costigan earned degrees from Valdosta State University (Bachelor of Music in Music Education) and the University of Georgia (Master of Music in Saxophone Performance and Doctor of Musical Arts in Saxophone Performance). Costigan has taught elementary, middle, and high school music and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Instrumental Studies at Truett-McConnell College. He also teaches saxophone and clarinet as an adjunct professor at North Georgia College and State University.

Costigan's performing and/or recording credits include: Gunnison, Winslow Willard and the Lunarleaf, Parakeet Nelson, Deathray Davies, Lionz, The Cartoons, Nightfire, Dr. Fink of Prince and the Revolution, Casper and the Cookies, Swift Earl, Bill Doss, Dave Barbe, Alex Lowe, Squat, Allen Vizzutti, The Confidentials, and numerous jazz engagements

New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs

New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs
I just received a couple of weeks ago, the replacement piece of a former piece.
So the "timelife guaranty" is neither a joke, nor a marketing trick!

The new version of the custom piece has now a copper ring to avoid the split of the shank.

I tested the pieces (the 8 and recently received 7* Custom JTB model) on both a Barone vintage tenor as well on a Walstein tenor. They are both in a shine white color I do like a lot.

I was really amazed by how easy my playing became with these pieces, from low Bb up to the highest notes, from ppp to fff, the tone was very consistent (if I intented to achive that) even pushed hard, but the piece is also very versatile (like a good "link like" piece).

resistance is just in the middle of the road.

For me, it's a "near perfect" link with better behavior in all the areas. The ceramic offer the best of both world: fast response "a la métal", and smooth tone like HR...I could not dream a better balance between both characteristics .

I get exactly the tone I seeked, they match very well with both barone and walstein tenors, but as usual with mouthpieces, they will be too dark for some players (and in this case, I would suggest to have a look on the contemporary model), but if you are looking for a "link sound", just consider the double ring piece, you will have an individually hand finished piece for the same price as a "new vintage link" with much better behavior.
they can also deliver a fat and soft tone if wanted.

my 2cts

ike (aka Jacques)

NB: i'm a regular customer, and have no connection with Drake Moutpieces, I'm just a very satisfied customer (satisfied by the product and the service). I have/had several outstanding pieces, but these pieces made by Aaron give me the highest level of joy and satisfaction among all of them. The 7* opening fits better to my chops, but only slightly...they are so easy to play!

Some of the beforesaid pieces will nevertheless go with my flamingo too

My apologies for the average english writing, my mother language being french


I'm convinced you have the best modern soprano mouthpiece out there right now with your Double Ring model. I've tried them all this year from the Links (TM and STM), Selmers (HR and metal), JJ (HR thru DV), Bari, Vandoren, Morgan, and the list goes on. I had my doubts at first, but none of the others have been as responsive, in tune, low resistance, and even up and down the register as the Double Ring 7 on my YSS-62. The cost, lead time and trial period was very competitive while the communications and customer service have been second to none. I can't wait to give your new large chamber piece a try when it is released!

Thanks again and best wishes!

Brian S
Southern California
30+ years playing soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones"

If you want to post an e-mail address with the testimonial, it should be "".

Hi Aaron , Soprano Sax Mouthpiece
Just want to tell you, I love your MP's!
Both are playing great,The soprano from the first minute worked.
I love the colour of the sound !! I have all kind of
Mouthpiece's Like: 2 F.Louis ( Wood and Metal )
Old link's, Meyer,Selmer with round Chamber, more than 20 good piece.
But the Idea with Ceramic is a new sound colour to me.
What I love in this MP , has a some kind of mellow zzzzzz in the middle
and the huge dark sound behind this effect .
My best Regards
Tony Lakatos

New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs


New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs


New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs



New Testimonial Oct 2009 by Jacques Fuchs


The mouthpiece arrived today. Thank you for the super fast shipment.
I just finished about an hour play testing (Vandoren ZZ#3 reed, Rovner dark lig.)
and I think I'll really like this piece. You are absolutely right about the
immediate response. Staccato notes are very clear. No more sloppy tonguing.
The horn sounded great thoughout the entire range with a nice fat tone,
and although not exactly effortless, I found this piece to be quite free-blowing.
It took me the better part of 2 weeks to adapt to the Otto Link NY
I'm certain that I'll get used to this piece in much less time.
Thanks again for the excellent mouthpiece and great service. JS

James Stover

Hi Aaron

Got the mouthpiece today, in perfect condition. I have to say, I
got even more than I expected here (exactly what I expected, I
don't know exactly; I liked the clip you posted, but even more, I
was curious about a ceramic mouthpiece; I like ceramic,
generally). First, the piece is really beautiful. Second, it plays like
a demon. It's an EXCELLENT piece of work. I'm really delighted Saxophone Mouthpieces
with it. Thank you!
Best, Terry Hummer

Hi Aaron,
This is a killer piece!...

Wayne Kozak

Dear Mr. Drake,

"The response and intonation with the mpc amazes me!

I've collected a rather large and wide array of mpc's of the years,
but Soprano Sax Mouthpiecethis one stands out!"

Sincerely, Doug

Hi Aaron;

Aaron I have had the opportunity to test your ceramic tenor mouthpiece out
and I can't say enough about how great this mouthpiece is. It is a wonderful
player with impeccable intonation, comfortable to play for hours without fatigue,
good power when needed, sweet subtones. The real test was the recordings
we produced over the holidays. Normally I don't do this but I was confident
that your mouthpiece would be ideal for the recording. The silky smoothness
of the tenor line was fantastic on the recording. Everyone loved the sound that
was recorded on the tenor tracks.

Thank you and your staff for making such a fantastic mouthpiece.
I have to say at first I was a skeptic but that quickly changed.
Your mouthpiece workmanship is fantastic. My next goal is to use it
live in a small combo setting and see the peoples response from the
richness in sound this mouthpiece produces.

Thanks a million for the wonderful mouthpiece.


"I can wholeheartedly recommend Drake Mouthpieces to anyone looking for the
classic Link tenor sound, combined with a free blowing quality. I love my 7*,
it’s beautifully finished, reed friendly, and has that big sound, combined with a
lovely "buzz" and a kind of “lightness” of tone, which is the only way I can describe it.
Maybe this is to do with the material? It responds really well throughout the range.
Any concerns I had about ceramic, which was an unfamiliar idea to me, have disappeared.
A sensible price for a quality hand made mouthpiece, which is a refreshing change.
The alto piece does the business too !”

Dick Hamer, freelance player/teacher, Cardiff U.K

Hi Aaron!Saxophone Mouthpieces
The mouthpiece is here, arrived today. REALLY excellent response and projection,
from the bottom up to top tones. No weak areas. Thank you very much!

Hello Aaron,
The soprano (JS 7)...I love something about it's sound!!!!!
It's bright without sounding oboe-ish. Thank You!!!
It's really the resonance of the piece which conveys a certain beauty to the tone
- wonderful!!! The more I play it, the more I like it!!!
Now you've got my attention for sure!!!
Great Stuff!!!!!
S-Ankh Rasa
Dallas TXSoprano Sax Mouthpiece
Great Tenor Piece!!! Full with presence and rich overtones!! Fantastic!!!
It's so good that I want another JT 7* AND a JS 8!!!!!
Keep it up!
Wonderful Mouthpieces!!!



Drake Mouthpieces
Handcrafted by Aaron Drake
in the USA