Tenor Sax Mouthpieces

Tenor Sax Mouthpieces

With manufacturers around the world offering an array of mouthpieces in various materials, it's important to understand which material will yield the results you're after. Whether you have many years of experience as a musician or you've just started taking lessons, the mouthpiece will play a key role in your ability to find the sound you want. Tenor sax mouthpieces come in many styles and materials suitable for various musical preferences and skill levels. When you're on the market for any type of mouthpiece, you may want to become familiar with the main materials and the sounds they yield.

Materials Used for Tenor Sax Mouthpieces

When you begin your search for the ideal mouthpiece, you will find options made of many different materials. Although some are less common than others, mouthpieces have been made in materials such as:

Vulcanized Rubber

Brass or Other Metal




Most likely, when you look for the best assortment of tenor sax mouthpieces, you'll find ones made of hard rubber, metal, or wood. Each material type will have a dramatic impact on the sound the saxophone will create, as will the variations of the overall style found in each manufacturer.

How Do the Materials Differ in Sound?

For most players, tenor sax mouthpieces will either be purchased in hard rubber or metal. Each type of mouthpiece can be made in many variations, based on style, play, and skill level. Since the choice in mouthpiece is based largely on preference of the player, it's important to give different materials a try until you find the on you like best. You may also want to use different mouthpieces based on the type of music you play from day to day. All in all, the choice of material may create slight variations upfront, but vary more in aesthetics than results.

When in search of the right tenor sax mouthpieces, the only way to truly know which one you prefer is to give a few a try. Especially important for beginners, playing with different materials and mouthpieces by unique manufacturers is the only way to find your way to the results you're after. With options like Jazz tenor, Jazz alto, soprano, and many others, there are endless ways of approaching your love of playing the sax. Whether you prefer the vintage style of a wood mouthpiece or a modern metal option, you can find plenty to choose from when you shop at Drake Mouthpieces.

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