Soprano Sax Mouthpieces

Soprano Sax Mouthpieces 

Next to the instrument, sax mouthpieces are quite possibly the most important part of a saxophone. They affect the pitch of the sound as well as the quality of the tone.

Soprano sax mouthpieces are made out of different materials. You'll find mouthpieces made out of metal as well as mouthpieces made from ceramic (invented by Drake), resin or hard rubber (or ebonite as it is sometimes called). The decision of which to choose will ultimately boil down to your preferences. Some saxophone players prefer using metal soprano sax mouthpieces while others find that the sound it produces is a little too bright. 

What will however matter is the quality of the mouthpiece. The eventual sound of mouthpiece is determined by its internal dimensions. Subtle difference in features such as the height of the baffle or the shape of the chamber can hugely affect the pitch and quality of sound that a saxophone makes. The size of the tip opening in a mouthpiece also plays an important role in the eventual quality of the sound. Wider tip opening allow saxophonists to play richer sounds. However they can be more difficult to control. 

Another important factor is the facing length of the soprano sax mouthpiece. Soprano sax mouthpieces with shorter facing lengths will be able to produce clear higher tones while longer lengths will put more emphasis on the quality of lower tones. 

All these factors are affected by the craftsmanship of the mouthpiece. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the design of a mouthpiece. Even the simplest variations can severely affect the final quality of the sound. It is why professional saxophone players place so much emphasis on the brand that they play with. Fortunately, with the resources of the web, it's a lot easier to evaluate the different soprano sax mouthpieces. You can tell a lot about the quality of a mouthpiece based on the reviews of the professionals who have used them.

An example of the top quality brand that you can consider for your mouthpiece is Drake Mouthpieces. For over two decades, Drake Mouthpieces has catered to the needs of saxophonists around the country. The company has also been responsible for several revolutionary designs one of which is its unique mouthpiece which is engineered out of a combination of resin and ceramic. Drakes Mouthpieces are carefully handcrafted to ensure that they retain nothing but the amazing intonation ability and projection quality that the brand has become known for. You can start your search for soprano sax mouthpieces by visiting