Sax Mouthpieces

Sax Mouthpieces

Everything matters when you are a musician who wants to get the most from your music experience. The sax mouthpieces from Drake Mouthpieces are designed to give you the best possible sound so that your saxophone music is the best it can be. Unlike the many products that are made in China these days, Drake sax mouthpieces are 100% made in the USA. They aren't just assembled in the United States from parts that come from other countries but are authentically "Home Grown". Drake mouthpieces for saxophones and clarinets are known around the world for their high quality, innovative designs, and unique material makeup that combine to deliver a better quality of sound.

Drake's sax mouthpieces are the first made with ceramic material in order to enhance the acoustic properties of the products. They are revered for their accurate, immediate response and their incredible intonation stability and projection qualities. Aaron Drake is an accomplished saxophonist and the recipient of a "Downbeat" award for outstanding soloist. He personally hand faces and finishes each of the sax mouthpieces made by the company to ensure each is exactly the quality that he wants for the mouthpieces that carry his name. 

Aaron Drake understands the importance of the mouthpiece and how it affects the play of the instrument. By combining state-of-the-art technology with a hand finishing traditions, Drake has created a line of sax mouthpieces with a quality that surpasses any other collection. The line of Drake Mouthpieces includes the Vintage Resin mouthpiece that was designed to embody the characteristics of the great vintage NY Meyers with the added control and response qualities that Drake has become know for around the world. They are constructed to give maximum projection and depth of tone with a controlled evenness of timbre through the registers.

The Ceramic Chamber sax mouthpieces are made with a revolutionary manufacturing process that encapsulates the ceramic chamber in their vintage resin material. This new technique contributes a new tone color to your sound. The ceramic chamber contributes unique density properties and produces a strong core fundamental tone color with a deep richness in the vibration of the air column. Each of the sax mouthpieces is hand faced and play tested and balanced up to altissimo double F and above. Their acoustic design is the same as that of the Vintage Resin line and each mouthpiece is handmade from beginning to end at the Drake Mouthpieces production facility in Warren, New Jersey for a uniquely quality mouthpiece that is made in the United States.

The metal sax mouthpieces are the latest addition to the collection, representing a culmination of their most innovative acoustic designs. To learn more about the entire collection of sax mouthpieces, go to Many professionals, and beginners alike, have experienced the difference that having the right mouthpiece can make. There is simply no other brand that compares to the Drake mouthpiece for quality construction and innovative design that really plays! No matter what your music level or whether you play alto or tenor sax, these are the best choices for you to get the most from your music playing experience!