Sax Mouthpiece

Sax Mouthpiece

Anyone who is serious about their music knows the importance of the sax mouthpiece. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Aaron Drake is also the innovative creator of one of the most innovative lines of mouthpieces in the industry. Drake has performed various performances with The Temptations, and with Natalie Cole, Manhattan Transfer, Doc Severensen, Johnny Mathis, Maureen McGovern, Joan Rivers and Branford Marsalis. In addition, he has made Grammy Award recordings for "Baby Einstein" Company, and been on European Tours for 42nd Street and Evita and more. Every Drake sax mouthpiece has the value of Aaron Drake's personal experience behind it. 

There are numerous choices in a sax mouthpiece from Drake depending on the type of music you play and what quality of sound you want to produce. The new Signature Series large chamber soprano mouthpiece, Son of Slant is their newest soprano model. This soprano sax mouthpiece has been modeled after the Otto Link Slant model with a few modifications to help facilitate better stability of pitch and greater protection. The floor slope has been raised and extended. This mouthpiece produces amazing warmth and depth to the tone with a great expressive range. It features beautiful undercut walls and a chamber dimension that is larger than the shank diameter with a carefully contoured roll over baffle.

The New York Signature Jazz Tenor sax mouthpiece is handmade from Drake's specially engineered Vintage Resin. It is a long awaited addition to the product line that brings another depth of expression, color, control and clarity to the tenor saxophone. This is a great choice for those musicians who want a sax mouthpiece that offers versatility for jazz, R&B, or funk. It offers a range of tonal qualities that are rich and evenly balanced with a huge projection potential. Each mouthpiece is hand faced with a hand finished rollover baffle contour by Aaron Drake and includes the VR Double Rail ligature. 

The Hybrid Drake Ceramic/Vintage Resin sax mouthpiece features an innovative chamber design. They give the projection and "punch" that many musicians are looking for. It features a medium reverse taper/venturi chamber that is ideal for massive projection, while it still maintains the depth and balance that is found in the overtone series. Each sax mouthpiece features the same chamber design along with variations in the baffle angle and floor slope to meet the exact tonal preference of the player and they type of Bari they are using. 

Having the right sax mouthpiece will make a tremendous difference in the quality of your play and your ability to play both comfortably and effectively. Drake Mouthpieces are the leading brand of mouthpieces and they also offer you a great selection than you will find anywhere else. Drake Mouthpieces is proud of their 100% American Made products and you will feel good about purchasing a product that is made in the US and provides you with the ultimate tool for improving your performance. When you choose a Drake sax mouthpiece, you will be choosing the same mouthpiece that is used by leading musicians in the industry. Go to to choose the mouthpiece that will help you make the most of your music!