Reso Tenor

Introducing the "Reso" Tenor Mouthpiece
This new tenor model is a call back to the classic "Reso Chamber" Link design.  The design features a large chamber - significantly larger than any of our other models.  The combination of the rollover baffle, undercut side walls and the large chamber offers a unique core resonance not found in other mouthpiece designs.  This model is ideal for jazz players, it has a clear, immediate response with a beautiful dark core.
Each "Reso" mouthpiece is handcrafted by Aaron Drake from our innovative Vintage Resin material and includes our double rail ligature, a cap, mouthpiece bag and a carrying case.  Price $325

Matt Carmichael Reso 8*

Here is Chris Farr on his Drake Reso 8

Here are some video samples of Greg Johnson on the Drake Reso Tenor model