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Ralf Altrieth

German-born saxophonist, Ralf Altrieth installed since 2006 in Normandy / Pays d'Auge. Contemporary jazz, improvised music, long stays in Paris, Freiburg, Nuremberg, Berlin and Venice, Ralf played Muneer B. Fennell, Olaf Rupp, Martin Iannaccone, Daniel Almada, DJ Rabih & upperground Orchestra, and since 2006 with Nicolas Talbot, Mike Surguy, Mael Guezel, Manu Piquery Jorge Borsi, Mario Delprato, Hektor "Tatchi" Gomez, Camel Zekri's Altersoniq Orchestra, Bastien Lambert, ...
He is also producer for the German label Meta Records.

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Ralf Plays the NY Jazz Tenor