Phil Woods Mouthpiece

Introducing The Drake Mouthpieces Master Series

Phil Woods Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


This special mouthpiece was conceived through exclusive collaboration with the Phil Woods Estate. 


Phil's life-long dedication to his craft left an indelible, beautiful inscription on the landscape of jazz. A classically-trained musician, Grammy Award winner and prolific recording artist, Phil was also a soul who truly loved the art of music. This mouthpiece honors his legacy. 


Woods was nicknamed "The New Bird" by his peers. The soul of Charlie Parker's sound (along with Phil's hero Benny Carter) was a spark that ignited Phil's approach to the horn. However, Phil's tone and style remained distinctly his own, and are recognizable at once to the listener. For much of his career, Phil Woods played an un-modified New York Meyer 5M, given to him by a friend in the 1950's. The Drake Phil Woods Mouthpiece is an exact reproduction of this treasured piece of history.


The Phil Woods is the quintessential straight-ahead jazz mouthpiece. The geometry is identical to Phil's mouthpiece, and offers the player something new in their experience. With the use of modern materials and design technology, Aaron Drake has respectfully carried this near-mythical mouthpiece forward into a new era. 


You can expect a pleasant amount of resistance, perfect for producing a warm, rich tone, with pop and projection when desired. The response is homogenous throughout the full range of the instrument and is capable of full-sounding altissimo. Overall, the tone is evocative of the best hard rubber mouthpieces of the golden era of jazz. 


A vast array of ligatures made for Meyer-style Hard Rubber Alto mouthpieces will fit this mouthpiece. However, the mouthpiece comes with a custom-fit Drake Quad Point Ligature.


Each mouthpiece is hand made by Master Artisan Aaron Drake, and receives its own unique serial number. It is tastefully engraved with Phil Woods' signature and the Drake trademark. 


Comes in a transparent plastic case with a Drake mouthpiece cap and a plush drawstring mouthpiece pouch. 

Retail: $325    

Here is Matt Vashlishan on the Phil Woods 5

Here is Jason Weber on the Phil Woods 7

Video Review by Paul Haar - "The Saxophonist" online magazine

Steve Neff's - Review of the Phil Woods 5 Mouthpiece

Recent Email / Testimonial:

Hello Maruzela and Aaron,

I received the Phil Woods 5 one week ago and have been playing it for the last few days.

It's really AMAZING. Response is incredibly fast! Altissimo, subtones, articulation from ppp to fff....everything comes out effortlessly. It's very flexible, from warm and soft to bright and loud.

I was worried about the small tip opening - I'm used to playing 6 or 7 tip openings- but the sound doesn't feel "pinched" at all. A compact, focused, full sound.

On my Mark VI alto it definitely has a Phil Woods' vibe. Intimidating at's like wearing Phil's shoes.

If only the mouthpiece could make me play like Phil!

I was skeptical about the ring lig but it works fine too.

This mouthpiece is such a joy to play.

A masterpiece! Every alto player should try it. 

Thank you very much Maruzela for your very good communication.  Thanks Aaron for your work, the mouthpiece looks perfect (tip, rails, table, chamber, baffle) and plays really great. 

It's my first Drake mouthpiece, not the last!


 Here is an email I got today from @jessecmusic about his new Phil Woods 7. “Hey! Thank you for your work on this piece!... Its really great! I really believe you have "cracked the code" regarding producing mouthpieces that are completely on the level of the "Holy Grail(s)" of vintage mouthpieces, and are actually superior in many ways. The vibratory qualities of the composition of materials it is made of is really great! ...and the craftsmanship with the facing work is absolutely upper/upper World Class !... Great job! Thank you... I'm just in the process of making my first recordings and big career push after being a sideman and coming up, and this piece(s) is big big for my journey! ... I'm ordering another identical copy to have the 2 as soon as next week! Thanks again! “Jesse
Thank you Jesse, your email made my day! All the best, Aaron. #drakemouthpieces #philwoods #altosax #altosaxophone #saxophone #saxophoneplayer