Phil Woods Mouthpiece

Introducing the Phil Woods Alto Mouthpiece 

This mouthpiece is the product of a very special project in collaboration with the Phil Woods estate.

This mouthpiece is a near identical replica of the mouthpiece that Phil Woods played for over 40 years.  The essential geometry of the mouthpiece is identical to Phil's mouthpiece, and it has the great characteristic vibe of one of the greatest alto saxophone sounds the world has ever known!  
There is a comfortable level of resistance balanced with a freeness and ease of play through the range of the alto.  A true experience to play and explore its potentials. 

Each Phil Woods Mouthpiece is Handcrafted by Aaron Drake and is finished with a serial number. 
Retail: $325  (Includes Drake Quad Point Ligature and Cap)

Here is Matt Vashlishan on the Phil Woods 5

Here is Jason Weber on the Phil Woods 7

Video Review by Paul Haar - "The Saxophonist" online magazine

Steve Neff's - Review of the Phil Woods 5 Mouthpiece

Recent Email / Testimonial:

Hello Maruzela and Aaron,

I received the Phil Woods 5 one week ago and have been playing it for the last few days.

It's really AMAZING. Response is incredibly fast! Altissimo, subtones, articulation from ppp to fff....everything comes out effortlessly. It's very flexible, from warm and soft to bright and loud.

I was worried about the small tip opening - I'm used to playing 6 or 7 tip openings- but the sound doesn't feel "pinched" at all. A compact, focused, full sound.

On my Mark VI alto it definitely has a Phil Woods' vibe. Intimidating at's like wearing Phil's shoes.

If only the mouthpiece could make me play like Phil!

I was skeptical about the ring lig but it works fine too.

This mouthpiece is such a joy to play.

A masterpiece! Every alto player should try it. 

Thank you very much Maruzela for your very good communication.  Thanks Aaron for your work, the mouthpiece looks perfect (tip, rails, table, chamber, baffle) and plays really great. 

It's my first Drake mouthpiece, not the last!