Mouthpieces Saxophone

Mouthpieces Saxophone Mouthpieces Saxophone

Drake Mouthpieces offers the unique variety of mouthpieces saxophone players need to get the most from their music. At a time when so many products are the same everywhere you purchase them, all made in another country, Drake Mouthpieces is proud to offer a line of mouthpieces that have every aspect made in the USA. When it comes to quality mouthpieces, saxophone players around the world know that Drake Mouthpieces are equivalent with quality, innovative design, and unique material makeup. They are the first mouthpiece makers to utilize ceramic material to create a mouthpiece that has enhanced acoustic properties.

Drake Mouthpieces are revered for their unique qualities that set them apart from other brands of mouthpieces. Saxophone players excel with the incredible intonation stability and projection qualities they get from these products. They produce an accurate, immediate response that make the difference in the value of every performance. Aaron Drake personally hand faces and finishes each Drake mouthpiece to ensure it has the quality that Drake Mouthpieces are popular for. As an accomplished saxophonist with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Performance from the Eastman School of Music, Aaron Drake has a great deal of knowledge about the way mouthpieces determine the sound of saxophone music.

State-of-the-art technology and a hand finishing tradition combine to create the unique Drake Mouthpieces saxophone players want to use. The secret to the powerful difference in Drake Mouthpieces comes from the revolutionary design material. They are handcrafted in the tradition of the great vintage mouthpieces by combining essential acoustic design elements with their innovative material. The result is unsurpassed quality in mouthpieces saxophone players will get tone quality and depth of sound that players seek. Drake Mouthpieces have given very careful consideration to the point of wind delivery. The organic shape they give the rollover baffle is a detail that they believe contributes to the quality of tone.

To provide the quality, revolutionary mouthpiece saxophone players prefer, Drake Mouthpieces has changed a number of details in their products that aren't available in those mouthpieces other companies make. They have meticulously sculpted and rounded the inner side walls from the tip of the mouthpiece into the chamber to open the wind deliver and create a big, fat, round tone. Another crucial acoustic element is the chamber dimensions and shaping. Drake Mouthpieces opens each large chamber mouthpiece beyond the end of the floor slope to a larger diameter than the shank diameter to contribute even further to the depth and presence of the tone.

Visit Drake Mouthpieces at to learn more about the significant difference in the quality of construction of their mouthpieces. Saxophone players of all levels from beginner to advanced will appreciate the difference in sound they get when they play with one of these unique mouthpieces. Saxophone players of all levels will get more for their musical efforts with the addition of a Drake mouthpiece. Any musician knows the difference that having the right mouthpiece can make. Those from Drake Mouthpieces are far above the rest!