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Eric Erhardt

"My theory is that you've somehow managed to allow the player to manipulate the tone color to a greater degree by the shape of the air column.  I feel like I could go bright or dark in any register very easily as long as I make the right shape inside – this ease of variation is not inherent in most mouthpieces I've played. 


It's almost like I'm playing a piece w/ a higher baffle & yet I'm not locked into the tonal approach that such mouthpieces generally imply.  I love that an open chamber mouthpiece is so responsive!  I asked for a balance of darkness & projection, & I truly believe that this mission was accomplished with flying colors.  Bravo!"

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Eric has had the tremendous fortune of visiting six continents through his career in music. He is honored to have performed with such distinguished musicians and groups as The Artie Shaw Orchestra, Pablo Balista, Greg Burk, Winston Byrd, Chet Catalio, Pete Christlieb, and many other.

Visit Eric's site to learn more and learn about his new album.


Here is Eric playing the M NYJT M 8 (.110")