Featured Mouthpiece

Dave Beecroft

Since 1994 Mr. Beecroft has been an active member of the Berlin music community where he presently lives. Along with playing all of the "traditional" saxophone family (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones), flute and enough clarinet to get him self into trouble, Mr. Beecroft has a fondness for writing and arranging music for real life musical situations. The projects listed here are an expression of not only the desire to create music for the public but to create music with personal integrity.

David is playing the M NYJT M 8 Large Chamber, The "Stubbie" 8, and the "Son of Slant" Large Chamber Tenor Model.

You can learn more about Dave at his website - http://www.beecroft.de/



David is offering a new line of video tutorials for Jazz musicians. Here is quote from David about his project.
"I am working on a web site that, with luck, will bring the interested students to me. I need to offer ideas and methods that bring musicians into contact with the subtle qualities of the jazz experience. What is the playing mechanism, what are and how do the elements of support, breathing, airstream and embouchure really work together? What is jazz time and how does it differ from the western classical concept? Why is syncopation and jazz time more important than the notes? How does a player make sense of the changes while improvising? What does it mean to learn the changes? What does one practice? How does one practice? What are the subtleties? What about the other elements of a performance, like articulation and dynamics? How does someone learn to blend? What is the difference between equal temperament and natural tuning? What is "intune"?

Take look at these sample video lessons and contact David at his site with questions.
David site can be found at http://www.beecroft.de/