Custom Mouthpieces

Custom Mouthpieces

If you can't seem to find the saxophone mouthpiece that meets your needs, you may want to consider custom mouthpieces. With the ability to specify many details of the piece, you will be better able to control the quality and sound of your horn. When you choose a Drake mouthpiece, you can rest assured that the end result will be of the utmost quality and design. Whether you're early in your musical career or you've been at it for decades, Drake is the best source for custom designs in mouthpieces for tenor, alto, soprano, and baritone saxophones. 

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Drake Mouthpieces knows saxophone mouthpieces are an important consideration in order to get the most powerful and comfortable performance each time you play. Aaron Drake makes mouthpieces that offer you advantages that other manufacturers simply don't have. They offer a full line of saxophone mouthpieces so that you can choose the one with the options that suit you best. The newest addition to the line is the Drake metal mouthpieces which offer a cutting edge approach to saxophone playing. 

Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Next to the instrument, sax mouthpieces are quite possibly the most important part of a saxophone. They affect the pitch of the sound as well as the quality of the tone. 

Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

When it comes to saxophones, the only thing more complex than choosing one is deciding on the right type of mouthpiece. There are hundreds of sax mouthpieces in the market today. Many of these are categorized in relation to their sound. 

Baritone Mouthpiece

When you are ready to take your saxophone or clarinet playing to the next level you will want to get one of the handmade Drake Mouthpieces that are currently available. Musician Aaron Drake has utilized his years of experience as both a musician and craftsman to create these unique mouthpieces which offer unsurpassed quality. Not only do these offer a great sound but they also have a distinct look that is appealing and eye catching. Whether you are in need of a baritone mouthpiece, a tenor or soprano model or just about any other type of mouthpiece, you can find it here in the line of handcrafted Drake Mouthpieces.

Custom Saxophone Mouthpieces Custom Saxophone Mouthpieces

Having the right mouthpiece makes a dramatic difference in the way you play your saxophone. At, you will find the selection custom saxophone mouthpieces that will improve your ability to play correctly, comfortably, and effectively. Drake Mouthpieces are leaders in making custom saxophone mouthpieces where you will have access to a one-of-a-kind assortment of the best saxophone mouthpieces. They have everything you need to make the most of your musical performance. 

Drake custom saxophone mouthpieces are the best assortment of mouthpieces used by the industry's leading musicians. They include a number of different lines of mouthpieces to suit a variety of needs. The Legends Series are handmade mouthpieces that combine the latest technologies with a vintage feeling the legends used, including Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Johnny Griffin, Dexter Gordon and others. Their Custom Ceramic Line is the custom saxophone mouthpieces that give you complete control for added control and quality. These mouthpieces are the only ones on the market that are completely handmade from beginning to end. 

The Hybrid Vintage Resin Line of custom saxophone mouthpieces that feature precision resonance, rails, and their specially engineered vintage resin material. You can also choose from Ceramic Chamber MPCS saxophone mouthpieces from Drake that feature the characteristics of NY Meyers with added control and response qualities you will only find with Drake Mouthpieces. The Son of Slant Tenor are tenor sax mouthpiece options with essential design elements from the vintage HR Otto Link Slant and special modifications for modern delivery. 

The Large Chamber Soprano custom saxophone mouthpieces are modeled after the Otto Link Slant Sig model, giving you better stability of pitch and greater projection. Finally, the collection of Drake Ligatures includes many options to help you experience a higher level of resonance and response. Once you have the custom saxophone mouthpieces to choose from at Drake Mouthpieces, you will be ready to take your music to the next level. Finding the right quality and design of mouthpiece is an essential part of making your play more comfortable and powerful.

The full line of custom saxophone mouthpieces from Drake Mouthpieces offers you the opportunity to find the right mouthpiece to provide you with the best options. Discover the best alto sax mouthpiece, tenor sax mouthpiece, soprano mouthpiece and many more choices at their site. No matter whether you are a beginner or you have many years of playing behind you, the custom saxophone mouthpieces from Drake Mouthpieces offer you advantages that mouthpieces from other manufacturers don't have. Their attention to detail and innovative manufacturing process results in the custom saxophone mouthpieces that stand out from the competition. 

Visit to learn more about the quality of custom saxophone mouthpieces they offer in their various lines. If you want to learn more about their custom options, call them at 877-681-0954. If you are going to put your talent and energy into your music, you can get the most of your efforts with the right mouthpiece for your efforts. Drake Mouthpieces has the unique line of mouthpieces that you won't find anywhere else!