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Costantino Ladisa

"When I tried the Aaron Drake Contemporary Jazz Alto Mouthpiece for the first time, I immediately knew it was the right one, the one I always wished for! Warm and strong, powerful and sweet, easy and in-tune. Thank you Aaron."

Costantino is playing the Contemporary Alto Model

Discover more on Costantino at his Youtube Channel, or check out his band Adika Pongo at their Website HERE



Bio Summary:

Costantino Ladisa was born in Bari, Italy, in 1965. His passion for music took him to study the guitar and subsequently the sax, which became his main instrument. Since 1994 he plays in the band Adika Pongo. He lives in Rome since 1987.

During the 1980s and early 1990s he took part in a number of music projects in Italy, including live appearances onnational television.

In 1997, he mixed at the prestigious GRP jazz studios in NY with his Adika Pongo band, including a collaboration with the world- famous guitarist Steve Khan.

In December 2000 he created and directed “Sound Around”, a TV program which was broadcast on eVision, the European satellite channel. The program’s 13 episodes received considerable praise as the first European TV program on music and technology.

Subsequently, he became a contributor as writer and critic, for the well-known “Acting News” movies magazine, as well as for the newly-created Jazz Magazine. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of music, he also played a role as TV presenter and critic of a number of Jazz and Soul concerts broadcast on RaiSatShow, the satellite channel of the Italian national RAI channel. He has also taught courses on “Television and Technology” under a Master’s program at Rome’s La Sapienza University.

Also during the early 2000s, he looked after the artistic production for the Fingerprints, a then newly-established all-girls-band of young Italian singers.

In 2003 he was writer and arranger of the soundtrack for the documentary “Ne Pas Mourir”, winner of that year’s Roma Doc Fest.

During that time, he also began to compose soundtracks to commercial adverts for a number of retail and consumer products in Italy, in collaboration with other musicians.

Still in 2003, with his Adika Pongo band, he performed in Sardinia with Lionel Richie, and in 2003 and 2004 he created and organised “The Big Party Live Show”: two extended musical tours sponsored by a major Italian insurer, with the participation of a number of national artists, performing throughout the best venues in Italy. A further summer tour undertaken in 2004 was sponsored by a major Italian radio channel, RDS.

During 2004 he also created “Da Nu Jazz Quartet”, a band centered on Smooth Jazz which toured around Italy performing numerous songs by Stevie Wonder, David Sanborn, Michael Jackson, Dave Grusin and many other artists linked to the genre.

In 2005, together with Alessandro Benedetti, he wrote original scores for the soundtrack of a nationally acclaimed Italian movie, “Nessun messaggio in segreteria”. Also in that year he began a
collaboration with the original voices of the Chic, Norma Jean Wright and Luci Martin which brought the two artists to Italy for a number of concerts dedicated to Disco Music. In October 2005 he
took part in a seminar by the American sax player Eric Marienthal (Chick Corea, GRP Big Band).

In March 2006 he recorded the score to an Italian short called “Non succede mai niente”, which took part in that year’s Venice Film Festival.

In November 2006 he performed with his band, Adika Pongo, at the Pavillhao Atlantico in Lisbon, Portugal, as part of the Disco Fever 2006 Festival, to a crowd of ten thousand, alongside Kool
and the Gang.

In 2008 he became the endorser for AKAI’s Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) and in 2009 he successfully took part in the beta testing program of the French company ARTURIA, BRASS 2.0, as
EWI expert.

During 2010 he has written and produced the musical score for the Italian documentary “U Megghie Paise”, broadcasted in Italy and to be released soon on DVD. During the year he has also performed with the 1984 Grammy Award winning American singer Robbie Dupree for two
programmes on Italian national radio. He is currently busy in a number of projects, namely the musical production of a new musical and a record with his band Adika Pong published in late July 201 for the prestigious English label “Expansion Records”.