Create with a legend, Masters Series, Drake Mouthpieces, Pete Christlieb mouthpiece, Pete Christlieb Pete Christlieb MASTER SERIES Tenor Mouthpiece 

This model is based on the very same "Bullet Chamber" design that Pete Christleib has played for over 50 years.  The specially callibrated baffle is contoured to create an "aliveness" to the sound that is even through all the registers.  The addition of the long silver plated banding on the shank helps to focus the core vibrational frequencies and generates greater projection.


“For a guy who has played on the same mouthpiece for 54 years, my new Aaron Drake recreation is incredibly accurate.  The .120” is my favorite.”
- Pete Christlieb

Here is a short excerpt of Arnie Krakowsky on the Christlieb .110" opening