Jerry Bergonzi Master's Timeline Tribute
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Jerry has been using his Drake Masters Series mouthpiece on Tenor since 2011 and the Son of Slant Large Chamber Soprano model
since 2010.  Enjoy!                 

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"This guy is the real tower of power.....His bold penetrating tone and furiously paced streams of notes make for a commanding voice indeed. His passionate improvisations are marked by a consistency of strength in every register and a penchant for harmonic development." Bill Milkowski Downbeat Review  

- From 1973 till now Jerry has been traveling and playing all over the word from 90 to 200 days a year.

1995 - Began teach at NEC  ( New England Conservative )

1989 - Recorded Standard Gonz with the Jerry Bergonzi Quartet on the Blue Note label. 

- Bergonzi began his career as an educator in the early 80's. He established his private practice teaching all instruments how to improvise and during those years developed the systems described in his series entitled Inside Improvisation. In this six volume series published by Advance Music, Bergonzi offers a tangible pathway to inside the creative imagination by getting inside the harmony, inside the changes. 

1979 - 1981 - Jerry toured the world with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. On the road for about 200 days a year, the group recorded Back Home, Tritonis, and Paper Moon for Concord Records between stops.

1977 - Returning to Boston at the end of 1977, Bergonzi was gigging five nights a week. "It was exactly what I needed at that point," says Bergonzi, "making a statement on a tune in front of an audience is a lot different than playing a jam session". 

1973 - 1975 - During this time, Bergonzi gained worldwide recognition while performing with, Two Generations of Brubeck. The group, with Dave Brubeck and his kids, Darius, Chris, and Danny, also featuring Perry Robinson on clarinet and Mad Cat Ruth on harmonica, toured extensively from 1973 through 1975. 

1972 - 1972 and 1978 Bergonzi lived in New York City and experienced what he considers his real college education. "Often, there was one drummer, one bass player, and five saxophone players!" Bergonzi remembers. "Sometimes I was the drummer, each guy would tell a friend, everyone was hungry to play and it was great experience." 

1955 - Started playing clarinet when he was eight years old listening to Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Lester Young. His uncle, who was a jazz musician and lived upstairs, used to write out solos for him to play.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bergonzi became interested in music early on.