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Drake Jerry Bergonzi "EB" Masters Series Mouthpiece  For Tenor Saxophones

This Drake design was founded on the most desirable aspects of Jerry Bergonzi's Early Babbitt model. Hence the designation, "EB". 

The design process was over two years in the making, with extensive input and feedback from Bergonzi at every stage. The result is a mouthpiece that generates a lustrous, lush, fat sound, in line with the best vintage mouthpieces of the era. 

The EB is a large, round chamber mouthpiece that incorporates the classic "crescent" shaped baffle, which transitions to a recalibrated floor contour. The tip and side rails are finished to Jerry's exact specifications. He prefers a slightly wider contour that facilitates a fat sound and stabilizes the attack. 

Jerry Bergonzi is a world-renowned jazz saxophonist, composer and educator. He first gained recognition while touring and recording as a guest on several Dave Brubeck ensemble tours, and later Quartet and later held the saxophone chair in the Dave Brubeck Quartet from 1979-1982

Read Jerry's endorsement of the Drake Masters Series EB Mouthpiece below: 

"What I look for in a mouthpiece is the ability to shape the sound that I hear in my head, along with ease of articulation. Drake mouthpieces do that for me." 


-Jerry Bergonzi

The EB is available only for Tenor Sax, in the following tip-openings: 7* / .105", 8 / .110", 8* / .115", 9* / .125" and 10* / .135"

Each mouthpiece is handmade my master artisan Aaron Drake, and tastefully engraved with a unique serial number, the Bergonzi signature, and Drake Trademark. 

Your purchase also includes a Drake Vintage Resin Double Rail ligature, Drake mouthpiece cap, plush drawstring pouch, and carry case.

Shipping of this mouthpiece is complimentary within the Continental USA. Express International shipping is available as an option at check-out. All purchasers will be notified over email when their particular mouthpiece ships, along with any tracking information, if applicable. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

We invite you to experience this mouthpiece risk-free, through our satisfaction guarantee. If, within seven (7) days of receiving your mouthpiece, you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return it in exchange for a different tip-opening of the same mouthpiece, or for a refund. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for details. 

In the video below Jerry demonstrates 3 - 10* models 
to show the consistency from piece to piece.  Jerry uses a 
Rico Jazz Select 3S.

Here is Tedd Baker with an Unboxing and First Impressions of his Bergonzi "EB" 7*

Tedd Baker Part 2 with Drake Double Rail Ligature

Here is Paul White on the Bergonzi "EB" 7*

Jerry plays his "Power Resonance" 10* model

In this video UK Artist Dave O'Higgins plays 'You Don't Know What
Love Is' on his Bergonzi "EB" Masters Series Mouthpiece

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