Baritone Saxophone MPC

Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece 

When only the best will do and you need the highest quality mouthpieces available you will want to choose from the extensive lineup of Drake Mouthpieces available for clarinets and saxophones. We are able to offer our customers products which are unsurpassed in design and quality as we are committed to hand producing every model that we sell. This allows us to ensure that every product we sell is absolutely perfect in both playability and craftsmanship. Since we play test every mouthpiece that goes out the door you can be assured that when you purchase one from us it will meet or exceed your expectations. Since being founded in 1990 by musician and craftsman Aaron Drake, Drake Mouthpieces has built a reputation for offering customers products which utilize the latest design techniques combined with innovative materials. Whether you are looking for a baritone saxophone mouthpiece or an all metal tenor sax mouthpiece, we have the products that you need.

We have revolutionized not only how mouthpieces are being made but also what they are being made with. From our widespread use of porcelain ceramics to developing a production technique for creating a mouthpiece from one solid piece of metal, we have become a leader in the design and development of mouthpieces. By constantly testing different material combinations and consistently creating new production techniques we have become a respected leader in this industry. Since founder Aaron Drake is an accomplished musician he has the perfect background to give insight into what musicians want from a mouthpiece. This combined with his experience in crafting mouthpieces is the perfect combination to come up with products that are innovative, yet appealing to a wide variety of musicians. This is evident in the line of ceramic resonance chamber mouthpieces which utilize a ceramic chamber which is encapsulated in a resin blend to offer a great blend of response and projection. If you are interested in a baritone saxophone mouthpiece you will want to find out more about the Vintage Resin Bari models we have available.

The Vintage Resin Bari utilizes a resin blend of modern materials which is created to specifically mimic the sound of mouthpieces which became wildly popular in the 1960s. This model features a chamber which is designed with a medium reverse taper venturi style, thus giving you ample projection while still maintaining proper balance in the overtone series. All of the baritone saxophone mouthpiece models utilize the hybrid Drake ceramic vintage resin blend. This incorporates porcelain ceramic into the resin blend to increase the surface density which gives these mouthpieces unique sound characteristics. There are a few different baritone saxophone mouthpiece models which all feature the same chamber design with varying baffle angles and floor slopes. The different baffle angles and floor slopes give each model its own unique sound, which can be heard by clicking on the audio clips we have available for these different models. No matter what type of saxophone you have or what style of playing you do, there is sure to be a Drake Mouthpiece to fit your needs.