Baritone Mouthpiece

Baritone Mouthpiece

When you are ready to take your saxophone or clarinet playing to the next level you will want to get one of the handmade Drake Mouthpieces that are currently available. Musician Aaron Drake has utilized his years of experience as both a musician and craftsman to create these unique mouthpieces which offer unsurpassed quality. Not only do these offer a great sound but they also have a distinct look that is appealing and eye catching. Whether you are in need of a baritone mouthpiece, a tenor or soprano model or just about any other type of mouthpiece, you can find it here in the line of handcrafted Drake Mouthpieces.

We utilize the latest in high quality materials combined with current design techniques, which result in a mouthpiece of unmatched playability and sound. We have many different styles of products which range from those which replicate some of the most popular vintage sounds to those which are made from our proprietary design techniques. No matter what model you choose you can be assured that your mouthpiece is the best possible product that money can buy. Our Vintage Resin Bari model is a baritone mouthpiece which features our signature material which is a combination of resin and ceramic. This resin and ceramic hybrid material offers you the best of both worlds in terms of sound and durability. The ceramic in this combination of materials gives the mouthpiece an increased density which allows for a more precise and sharp sound. This material has been developed as a result of a seemingly endless amount of testing to come up with the precise mixture that results in the best possible sound.

When it comes to the baritone mouthpiece models we have there are three different variations to choose from. These models all feature a similar chamber design with varying degrees of baffle angle and floor slope. These variations result in slightly different sounds and playing characteristics among these three different models. Feel free to listen to the samples we have available to hear each different model in order to determine which one is best for your instrument and style of playing. The innovative chamber design on these baritone mouthpiece models consists of a medium reverse taper venturi chamber. This is a modern style of chamber which gives massive projection while still allowing you to experience the subtle variations when playing softer pieces. This blend of performance allows these models to be ideal for a wide variety of playing styles ranging from big band music to jazz and just about everything in between.

In addition to the models mentioned above you will find many different innovative Drake Mouthpiece designs ranging from custom ceramic models to all metal mouthpieces and more. Whether you need a baritone mouthpiece or a ceramic model built to your specifications, we can accommodate just about any request. We have been selling our 100% handmade products since 1990 and during this time we have built a reputation for providing high quality custom made mouthpieces that you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Bari Sax Mouthpiece

There is a reason that top musicians such as Bruce Johnstone, David Liebman, and Bob Sheppard all play with Drake Mouthpieces and that is simply because the quality of our models is unmatched by other manufacturers.

Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

When only the best will do and you need the highest quality mouthpieces available you will want to choose from the extensive lineup of Drake Mouthpieces available for clarinets and saxophones.