Alto Saxophone MPCs

Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces 

If you are an avid saxophone or clarinet player, the line of Drake Mouthpieces currently available are a great match for any style of play. Through the use of high quality materials and innovative design techniques we are able to product a wide variety of models to suit just about any type of saxophone or clarinet. All of our products are proudly handcrafted in the USA, as they have been since we started in 1990. The process of handcrafting mouthpieces is certainly not the most efficient method but it does without a doubt allow us to create a product of unsurpassed quality. This high quality is a result of innovative design, unique materials, attention to detail, and other factors. Our models incorporate materials such as ceramics and custom resins, which allow our mouthpieces to have a truly unique sound that you will not find from any other mouthpieces. From ceramic alto saxophone mouthpieces to all metal jazz tenor models, we have a wide selection of products for you to choose from.

The Drake Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces utilize a high density ceramic material which is covered by a resin material to create these models. The ceramic lined chamber allows for a crisp sound which is sought after by all types of musicians once they hear it in action. You will not only get a high quality sound from these ceramic mouthpieces but they also offer unsurpassed response when playing even the most rapid progressions. Each note comes out crystal clear as the dense porcelain ceramic material gives a response which you simply cannot get when using a mouthpiece made of other materials. The Drake Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces are available in five different models which are: Jazz Tenor, Tenor Contemporary I, Jazz Alto, Contemporary Alto, and Jazz Soprano.

The Drake Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece utilizes a rollover baffle design which incorporates a precisely configured floor slope to give you the ideal projection for most any type of jazz playing. The use of a medium size ceramic chamber in combination with the above mentioned design features make this an ideal jazz alto saxophone mouthpiece.

The Drake Contemporary Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece features a long step type baffle that allows you to produce a sound that is ideal for everything from r&b or funk to contemporary jazz. This also uses the incredibly dense ceramic chamber found on the above model which offers the ultimate in playability. All of the ceramic mouthpiece models also feature the Drake ligature.

All of the Drake Ceramic Resonance Chamber Mouthpieces are hand faced, play tested, and feature Aaron Drake's signature on the table as well as a serial number. The great attention to detail during the crafting of these mouthpieces results in every product being guaranteed to perform at the highest level possible. From the beginning of the design process to the final play test, every mouthpiece is created to not only perform incredibly but also to last for as long as you can play. When only the best will do, turn to Drake Mouthpieces and you are guaranteed to be impressed.