Alto Saxophone MPC

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 

Whether you are purchasing a new instrument or looking to upgrade your current saxophone, the lineup of Drake Mouthpieces offer unsurpassed quality and sound. From the detailed design process to the final step of constructing the mouthpiece, there is great attention paid to every aspect along the way to help ensure that you get the best product that money can buy. Drake Mouthpieces not only give your instrument a customized look but they also offer a sound that is unique and appealing. All of the mouthpieces we sell are handmade in the USA and have been ever since we started selling them to the public back in 1990. If you are looking for an alto saxophone mouthpiece you are in luck as we have several different models to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics.

Among these models is the line of custom ceramic mouthpieces which utilize a high quality porcelain ceramic, which features an incredibly high surface density resulting in a nearly instant response. The difference you will find from these ceramic mouthpieces is most evident when playing fast passages where each changing note can be heard with great clarity. The ceramic material also allows for a nearly friction free passage for air, which also helps to increase the clarity and tone of the music being played. These ceramic alto saxophone mouthpieces are available in a number of off the shelf models as well as customized models. Whether you want one custom built to your specifications or an off the shelf model, you will immediately notice the difference it makes from the second you start to play.

In addition to the ceramic models mentioned above we also have a wide variety of other mouthpieces to choose from which are made from a variety of high quality materials. Among these is our Vintage Resin line of mouthpieces which are intended to mimic the sound that was so famous among musicians in the 1960s. The Vintage Resin mouthpieces are available in tenor, alto, and soprano configurations. With these mouthpieces we have combined the use of modern materials with the latest design techniques to produce a model which offers a sound that works well for rock, r&b, jazz, and more.

If you primarily play jazz and are looking for an alto saxophone mouthpiece you will definitely want to consider our New York Jazz Alto model. This is crafted from our proprietary vintage resin material and features design elements such as a rollover baffle which slowly transitions to a minimal floor slope, resulting in maximum sound projection along with a full bodied tone. In addition the New York Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece also features a medium venturi type chamber which results in a level timbre throughout the registers. This model is designed to not only give you a high quality sound but to also look visually appealing on your instrument. The New York Jazz Alto model was also designed to incorporate characteristics similar to what is found on the vintage NY Meyers models, while making subtle improvements with the knowledge we have gained since these were produced. As is the case with all of our models, the New York Jazz Model is entirely handmade from the finest materials available.