Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Alto Sax Mouthpiece 

The Drake Ceramic Custom Line of sax mouthpieces features a revolutionary design material in saxophone mouthpieces. The line includes their Tenor, New Contemporary Tenor, Soprano, Alto, and Contemporary Alto sax mouthpiece. The Alto mouthpiece offers free blowing with tremendous versatility from lead alto to soloist in R&B setting. The acoustic design features a round, medium-sized chamber and a short rollover baffle. The carefully calculated floor slope creates optimal air stream velocity and allows the player to shape his or her own personal sound. 

The Drake Custom Contemporary alto sax mouthpiece is designed to give your music a powerful, expressive tone. This mouthpiece is ideal for playing R&B, Funk, Rock and Jazz Fusion Styles. It is made with a Step baffle that features a graduated transition into a medium chamber. This helps speed up the air column while it gives the best possible balance to the overtone series, providing amazing articulation and altissimo response. The porcelain ceramic material used to make the alto sax mouthpiece has the highest surface density of any material so that you get an immediate, clear response. It's easier to articulate fast staccato passages and it also heightens dynamic capabilities.

In addition to providing you with incredible intonation stability and unsurpassed response throughout the entire instrument range, the alto sax mouthpiece will never warp, corrode, or change in any way. The very high surface density of glazed ceramic creates a path for the wind that is nearly frictionless. The innovative material has resulted in an alto sax mouthpiece design that offers unsurpassed quality. While the ceramic provides the strength of metal, it also offers a new dimension in tone, stability and responsiveness.

The Drake Vintage Resin Contemporary Alto Sax mouthpiece is a great choice for playing R&B, funk or contemporary jazz. It features a longer step type baffle to give great projection. Drake's mouthpieces are known throughout the world for their material and design innovations. The new Vintage Resin line maintains the amazing clarity of response, incredible intonation stability, and outstanding projection qualities of the ceramic with a new depth of tone. An alto sax mouthpiece from this line will give you the best of both worlds. Each is hand faced by Aaron Drake and is play tested and balanced to altissimo double F and above. Each mouthpiece is handmade from start to finish at their production facility in Georgetown, Tx.

Go to to view the different sax mouthpieces they offer and choose the alto sax mouthpiece that will give you the play quality you are searching for. Listen to the demos featured with the various descriptions to experience the different designs and the sounds they produce. Drake Mouthpieces are simply the best mouthpieces in the industry and they offer you a wide variety of choices in the alto sax mouthpiece to suit your needs. Any musician knows that the mouthpiece is a very important part of the sound and Drake Mouthpieces are the quality products that will help you get the most from your music experience.