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Alto Mouthpiece Alto Mouthpiece 

When you choose an alto mouthpiece for your alto saxophone from Drake Mouthpieces, you will be getting a quality product that will make a tremendous difference in the sound you produce. Drake's Vintage Resin line offers you the best of both worlds. Each alto mouthpiece is hand faced by Aaron Drake and is play tested and balanced to altissimo double F and above. This new line of mouthpieces maintains the amazing clarity of response, incredible intonation stability, and outstanding projection qualities of the ceramic with a new depth of tone. Drake mouthpieces are known throughout the world for their material and design innovations and this is just another example of the quality they deliver!

Upon completion, each mouthpiece is signed on the table and marked with a serial number. Another great benefit from purchasing a Drake alto mouthpiece is their local construction. Each is handmade from start to finish at the production facility in Warren, NJ. There are no components or materials that come from China so that you can get a quality product that stands out from the rest and feel good about purchasing a mouthpiece that is 100% made in the USA!

The Drake Vintage Resin Jazz Alto mouthpiece will give you great projection. The rollover babble and carefully calculated floor slope promote an optimal projection. It has just the right amount of undercutting on the side walls with a medium chamber. To hear the difference the alto mouthpiece can make in your music, visit the Drake Mouthpieces website and listen to the clip of Carl Cox playing this model with a .085" tip. You can also listen to Aaron Drake himself on this model with the Drake Lig with Ceramic Resonance Plate.

The Drake Vintage Resin collection also contains the contemporary alto VRCA alto mouthpiece. This is a great choice for playing R&B, funk, or contemporary jazz settings. This mouthpiece features a longer step type baffle and it has great projection. This alto mouthpiece is a great way to get the "Sandborn" affect. Listen to Aaron Drake on this model with the Drake Lig with Ceramic Resonance Plate. Check out the new Drake Hybrid Contemporary II to find the perfect balance of power, depth and edge with the right amount of resistance. All this, and it still has very easy blowing! To gain a better understanding of the designs that are created by Drake, view the mouthpiece anatomy on the website.

You can also select a Jazz Alto Mouthpiece with a resonance chamber mouthpiece that represents the first major innovation in mouthpieces in 50 years. Drake is the leading innovator in the field of ceramic acoustics and has created a revolutionary manufacturing process which encapsulates the chamber in their own vintage resin material. This design adds a new tone color to your sound. No matter which alto mouthpiece is the right choice for you, you can rest assured that all Drake mouthpieces are of the highest quality. They also offer you the greatest selection of mouthpieces that you will find anywhere so that you get just the right one for your needs!