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  • The Double Rail ligature is a pressure fit designed by Drake to have an exact fit for the following Drake Mouthpieces - NY Jazz Tenor, NY Jazz Alto , Son of Slant Tenor, Son of Slant Soprano, Contemporary I Tenor , Boney James Tenor, and Bebop Classic Alto - please select from the drop down menu below. This ligature has been included with our mouthpieces since 2008 - the Double Rail design incorporated "guide rails" which help to position the reed for a consistent, quick fit.  The Rails touch on each side of the reed and allow for optimal resonance / vibration of the reed.

    Drake Mouthpieces Vintage Resin Ligature

    Drake ligatures are formulated from the same, highly-resonant Vintage Resin material as your Drake mouthpiece.

    Both Dual Rail and Quad Point versions are designed to allow an unmitigated, free-blowing experience in all ranges. Historically, all ligatures were made of metal, leather or some kind of textile material. Though these properties add different and varying effects to the sound, nothing is as consistent as matching the mouthpiece with a completely custom-fit ligature of the same material. The exact densities and responsive characteristics are literally a perfect pairing. 

    Drake ligatures secure the reed to the mouthpiece perfectly, with total consistency. As you slide the ligature down into the correct position, you will notice the refined inner edges of the ligature making precise, stabilizing contact with the outer edges of the reed's stock. With no undesired points of contact, the reed is not muffled or restrained. The result is total vibrational freedom, aiding an instant response, the full spectrum of tonal characteristics, and a homogenous sound over the entire range of your instrument.

    You may find that more reeds play consistently well when using our ligatures. Many users have commented that they were able to move to a more desirable reed strength when playing on their Drake mouthpiece and ligature setup.

    Aesthetically, the refined good looks of the ligature are understated, yet eye-catching.

    Many of our mouthpieces include a custom-fit Dual Point or Quad Rail Drake Vintage Resin Ligature. If your mouthpiece does not include one and you would like to experience these amazing ligatures for yourself, please contact Aaron Drake to discuss availability of a match to your setup.

  • The special thin design (.15mm) of these bite plates will not dampen the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.

    Made from a special 3M material, they protect your mouthpiece while offering a natural, unobstructed feel for your teeth.  If you would like to create additional cushion the plates can be stacked one on the other.  The size is compatible with all brands of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone mouthpieces.  9 Count .15mm thick  
  • Drake Branded Caps - designed with expansion cut out - fits Drake Ligatures - Specify your Drake Model in the Drop Down Menu

  • Here is our proprietary "Quad-Point" Ligature - designed with 4 contact points with the reed, facilitating optimal resonance and response.

    We offer this ligature as a back up or replacement.  The ligature is designed for an exact fit for the following Drake mouthpieces - Jazz Alto, Contemporary Alto, Studio Tenor and the David Sanborn model by Drake  


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